Historical information

I was born in Guildford W.A. on 12 November 1940 and at an early age took an interest in painting. Over the years (between lapses) I have completed several hundred pieces of work including pencil and crayon sketches, lino cuts, oil colours - and water colours which have been my main focus. As painting has always been a hobby I’ve never bothered with selling my work through an art gallery - but have donated a good deal of work to fundraisers and charity auctions with some paintings attracting large prices, I’ve also sold quite a number (some years ago) via Joels Auctions before they went up-market, others have gone to friends and family. My pleasure has been in completing painting, I’ve never bothered about recovering costs (including framing) but happy when people take an interest in my work - and I know pictures have gone to a happy home – additional pleasure comes when people remind me they love the painting, sometimes I’ve forgotten what they have and other occasions have been able to see them in their homes and loved they way they have fitted-in.

Regarding the little painting of the Bicentennial sailing ships – I did it as a quick sketch at the time (1988) when the ships departed Melbourne sailing down Port Phillip Bay - with the view to doing a larger painting which never eventuated and it has remained in my possession until recently when I decided to dispose of my remaining work/s as I have to move and ‘down-size’. As you will appreciate it is a very simple sketch but it captures a notable moment in time and would be very happy if the MTS could find a place for it in their collection. As it happens I spent 9 years in the Royal Australian Navy and feel a close connection to seafarers and would be honoured that you might wish to include the picture in your collection.

Physical description

Small rectangular oil painting (landscape format) depicting sailing ships

Inscriptions & markings

Signtaure of the artist bottom left corner: KHD
At the back in black ink: 1988 / Kim Dunstan / Port Phillip Bay / Bicentennial Fleet Departure / From End Of Martin St Brighton

Mounting & framing