Historical information

This card was presented to George Davidson when he passed the Junior School examination held by St. John's Tonic Sol-Fa Association in 1877. The Tonic Sol-Fa was a technique used for teaching sight singing, invented in the 18th century and further developed, popularised and used extensively by singing teachers in the 19th century. The St. John's Tonic Sol-Fa Association was an extension of the choir of St. John's Presbyterian Church in Warrnambool and the conductor (and the teacher whose name is on this card) was T. L.Campbell. He was a well-known singing and music teacher in Warrnambool in the second half of the 19th century and specialized in the teaching of the viola, violin and violincello. George Davidson (1860-1941) was the son of John and Isobel Davidson, pioneer settlers in the Warrnambool district.


This card is of some interest as a memento of the music scene in Warrnambool in the second half of the 19th century with references to T.L. Campbell, a music teacher, George Davidson, a pupil and a school of music, St. John's Tonic Sol-Fa Association

Physical description

This is a small white card with a blue scroll border and blue printing on one side and printed information on the other side. The card has handwritten details in ink. It is stained, torn at one edge and has signs of silverfish damage.

Inscriptions & markings

Tonic Sol-Fa Method of Teaching to Sing - Mr George Davidson has passed the examination for the Junior School Certificate. Teacher or Assistant: T.L. Campbell A.C. School or Class: St. John's Tonic Sol-Fa Association. Date: 30th November 1877 No. 52