Historical information

Photo: D. Carrighan, The Lightning Photographers, Image No. 8

Bottom seated row, right side end, Alex and Alfbert (Tommy) Smart.

Photo used on the cover of "We did open a school in Little Eltham", Eltham Primary School (2006)

David Clark Head Teacher 1855-1889 and Assistant, Catherine Clark, his sister (believed to be on his left). He was replaced by John Brown.

Note: Photo is a Class not Grade (examination level).

PANEL 1875-1920
Panels began to be produced around 1875, and were particularly suited, because of their larger size, for capturing family, or even larger, groups. They measured 8.5 by 6.5 inches (22 cm x 16.5 cm).
- Frost, Lenore; Dating Family Photos 1850-1920; Valiant Press Pty. Ltd., Berwick, Victoria 1991

Physical description

PANEL - approximately 8.5 by 6.5 inches (22 cm x 16.5 cm).
Digital file only, scanned from album in private collection