Historical information

This is an invoice sent to Messrs W.& J. Hall in September 1871 by the Committee of the Tower Hill Presbyterian Church. It refers to the annual church seat rental fee of three pounds, half of which had been paid in January of that year. The Tower Hill Presbyterian Church was under the auspices of the Koroit Presbyterian Church and services had been held in the Tower Hill area as early as 1845. The first permanent minister, Rev. Lachlan McGillivray. was appointed in 1849 and a wooden church was erected at Tower Hill in 1850. William and James Hall were early farmers in the Tower Hill district.


This invoice is of considerable interest as a rare memento of the 19th century Tower Hill Presbyterian Church and a record of the practice of charging an annual fee for a family's use of its own pews in a church.

Physical description

This is a sheet of blue and cream mottled paper with ruled red lines, black printing and handwriting in ink. The sheet is creased, torn at the edges and faded.

Inscriptions & markings

Messrs W. & J. Hall 30 Sept. 1871 An Account with the Committee of the Tower Hill Presbyterian Church