Historical information

Prepared for Nillumbik Shire Council by Samantha Westbrooke Pty Ltd in association with Peter Mills PhD, Architectural Historian and Roark Muhlen-Schilte, Archaeologist.
Covers history of early market gardening in Eltham with the commencement of European settlement in the late 1830s.
The site for the village of Eltham was surveyed in 1851 and the Township Plan shows that the property is made up of Lots 7 and 8 which were sold at auction in June 1852 to M. O'Shea. The history of the Bell Street property is closely tied to the West family from the 1860s to 1930s; the earliest rate books for Eltham show William West farming in El;tham in 1864.
In the aerly 1930s ownership of the creek side was transferred from the west family to the Fabbro family who shortly afterwards were impaced by the 1934 Diamond Creek flooding. Guido Fabbro relocated the original West home further up the hill and built a new Italianate style modern home in situ. The Fabbro family farmed the property.
In 1993/4 Eltham Council acquired the creek-side market garden blocks to the south of 2 Bell Street which was recconceived in 1998 as the Barak Bushland Reserve. The Fabbro house was demolished shortly after and the lots were sold to a developer in 1994. The large steel shed now present on the 2 Bell Street property dates from soon after this sale.

Physical description

26 A4 pages color print