Historical information

Owner and donor details - see Cat No. 5836.3.
"HALF A LIFE" "The Diary of a Tobruk Rat".
From foreword "The man and soldier about whom this book is written is QX8135, Private E.H. (Snowy) ROSELT and the story is written by his daughter"

Physical description

Hard cover book. Cover - cardboard with paper adhered. Brown and black colour print on front, spine and back with dark beige background. Illustrated front to back - black print silhouette of a "Garry (Snowy) Roselt at Post R20, Tobruk - 1941".
197 pages - cut , plain, white paper. Illustrated - black and white photographs and maps. Front and back end papers - illustrated, sepia toned pages of a diary. front end papers - owners signature and author's signature.

Inscriptions & markings

Front end papers - handwritten owner's information blue ink "B.D. Carr/ V6/32 Jan St/ Cheltenham, 3192"
Handwritten author's signature black ink "Kind Regards/Marge Smith/ 28 Jan 1999"