Historical information

This collection of five photos was most likely taken in c1980. The AUTOMAP 1 computer assisted cartography and mapping system was introduced in 1975. The components of AUTOMAP 1 were the Input Sub-System of four Wild B8s stereoplotters and three Gradicon digitising tables, the Optical Line Following Sub-System – Gerber OLF, the Verification Sub-System – Gerber 1442 drum plotter, the General Purpose Sub-system – HP21MX computer and the Output Sub-System – Gerber 1232 flatbed plotter). The first map was published in 1978 (Strickland 3665-3, 1:50,000). AUTOMAP 1 was the first computer assisted cartography and mapping system utilised by the Survey Corps and was the first system used by Australian mapping organisations. The history of the AUTOMAP 1 system is covered in more detail with additional historic photographs, in pages 116-118 of Valerie Lovejoy’s book 'Mapmakers of Fortuna – A history of the Army Survey Regiment’ ISBN: 0-646-42120-4. See items 6122.18P, 6183.19P and 6184.18P for more photos of the AUTOMAP 1 computer system.

Physical description

This is a set of five photographs of Air Survey Squadron military personnel operating AUTOMAP 1 equipment at the Army Survey Regiment at Fortuna, Bendigo, c1980. Black and white photos are on photographic paper and were scanned at 300 dpi. They are part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection.
.1) - Photo, black & white, c1980, SGT Cliff Webb operating AUTOMAP 1 terminal.
.2) - Photo, black & white, c1980, HP21MX computer General Purpose Sub-system.
.3) - Photo, black & white, c1980, Gerber verification drum plotter.
.4) and .5) - Photo, black & white, c1980, unidentified personnel operating AUTOMAP 1 terminal.

Inscriptions & markings

.1P to .5P - No personnel are identified.