Historical information

Two booklets produced by the Standards Association of Australia - established under the aegis of the Commonwealth and State Governments for the promotion of standardisation and simplified practice.
.1 is on Welding Code. It was first issued on 1933 and revised in 1939. Cost One Shilling and Sixpence.
.2 is the code for Structural Steel. It was first issued in 1928, amended in 1931 and revised in 1940. Cost Two Shillings and Sixpence.
Both published by The Association, Science House, Gloucester and Essex Streets, Sydney.

Physical description

.1 Folded green cover, 28 pages, stapled
.2 Folded light brown cover, 30 pages, stapled

Inscriptions & markings

.1 T R Gordon in blue pencil on cover
.2 E J Barker in blue pen on cover.