Historical information

Bemm River is a small township in East Gippsland. There have been several Bemm River hotels since 1891 when the first Hotel was built by Henry Summer. This Hotel was located near a ford where traffic crossed the river. Annie Morgan was the next person to have a roadside licence to sell liquor at Bemm River, also known as Sydenham Inlet Hotel. In 1927, a hotel was built on the present site at Bemm River, again with the Morgan family. Like many hotels, the Bemm River hotel has burned down or suffered damage through fires and was rebuilt. These photos are likely of a fire at the Hotel in 1994 which resulted in the hotel burning down. It was re-built in 2000 on the same site.


History of Bemm River and its hotel

Physical description

5 b/w photos showing a building with severe fire damage, and two people in front of the photos (probably owners).

Inscriptions & markings