Historical information

Storybook/fairytale themed promotion of student work
on completion of the two-year Advanced Diploma of Arts (Graphic Design) course at University of Ballarat, 2008.

Page one features student names and photographs, plus "character" names. Pages 2-3 fairytale map. Subsequent pages include folio examples, one student per double page spread.

Inside back cover notes sponsors, Sovereign Press and The Image Company. Teaching staff for duration of the two-year course listed as: James Baker, Peter Lambert, Jill Hyatt, Ben Sanders, Travis Price, Sam Harmer, Trevor Tagliabue, Alister Heighway, Sarah Lloyd.

Physical description

Promotional catalogue for graduating students of the University of Ballarat (TAFE), Advanced Diploma of Arts (Graphic Design).

32-page + 4-page cover saddle-stitched booklet. Full colour offset throughout.