Historical information

This framed photograph is of the Victoria Challenge Shield which was presented in 1888 by the Warrnambool firm of Cramond and Dickson for competition among the Victoria Garrison Artillery members in Victoria. There were 8 garrison groups in Victoria at that time. The shield was 22 inches wide and two feet six inches high.The quality of the shield can be gauged by that fact that it was exhibited at the Glasgow International Exhibition of 1888 and was one of the items inspected by Queen Victoria. The stipulation by the donors was that the competition had to be held in Warrnambool. The Warrnambool artillery group won the trophy in 1898 and this is noted in one of the newspaper cuttings included with the photograph of the shield. The Cramond and Dickson general store in Warrnambool was founded in 1855 by John Cramond and James Dickson and was a prominent business in Warrnambool until it closed in 1973.


This photograph is of considerable interest as it is a reminder of the Victoria Challenge Shield that was a competition prize for competing groups of the Victoria Garrison Artillery in the times when volunteer militia groups were strong in Victorian country towns ( from the 1860s to the beginning of the First World War).

Physical description

This is a framed oval photograph of the Victoria Challenge Shield. The photograph is of poor production and fading. The shield details include images of War and Peace, Coat of Arms, militia figures and guns and a rifle match (in the centre). There are two newspaper cuttings included in the frame and a handwritten date. The photograph has a beige background and is under glass in a wooden frame

Inscriptions & markings

Victoria Challenge Shield inspected by Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen at the Glasgow International Exhibition 24th August 1888 presented by Messrs Cramond & Dickson Warrnambool