Historical information

These hames are part of the harness used by the family of Michael Conway who established a dairy farm of 35 acres in Wodonga in 1940. He and his wife Catherine nee Carroll settled there and raised 5 children. Before coming to Wodonga Michael carried on a bakery business at Urana. The hames were part of the harness attached to the horse which pulled his bakery cart.

In Wodonga Michael Conway built a 2 bail dairy and milked up to 20 cows, separated the cream from the milk by hand and sold it to the local butter factory of Holdensen and Nielsen. In later years only whole milk was sold. The farm was on the outskirts of East Wodonga. Michael Conway died on 6th January 1945. The farm was later sold for residential and industrial development and includes Conway Court.


This item has a clear connection to the family of Michael Conway of Wodonga, Victoria

Physical description

2 metal sections shaped to fit around the exterior of a horse collar. They are joined at the lower end by a chain and upper end by a leather strap. Approximately halfway up each section a hinged hook is located to which chains are hooked and attached to the cart. Towards the upper end is attached a ring through which reins pass before being connected to the bit.