Historical information

The Mouth Organ Band held another compition at the band room on Monday evening. Various sections were well contested and the decisions of th eadjudicator - Mr Jack Holloway - gave every satisfaction. Prizes were awarded as follow: "A" Grade - N. Haywood, 49 Points 1: W. Reeve, 47 Points 2; C. Oliver 32, 3. "B" Grade - R. Pickering 1. "C" Grade - S. Pickering 1. The Medal for the "C" Grade winner was donated by the ladies' commiteetee, and the "a" and "B" Grade prixzes were from th eVictorian Mouth Organ Association with which body teh Stawell Band is affiliated.

Stawell News & Pleasent Creek Chonicle 07 Feb 1934.

Physical description

Plastic/ Bakerlite with Metal Chalice ornate lip

Inscriptions & markings

S M.O.B Solo Contest 'B Grade'
Presnted by V.M.D.B.A
Won By A Pickering 5.2.34