Historical information

Poduced as a supplement to the Diamond Valley News in celebration of the centenary of the Shire of Eltham in 1971. Contains stories of historical note about people and places of the shire as well as numerous advertisng by local businsesses. Also on page 1 lists the program of events commencing Friday, April 2 commencing with a dinner and previewing of paintings by Justus Jorgensen at Montsalvat attended by the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. W. H. McMahon running through to the publication of Pioneers & Painters edited by Alan Marshall.

Page 1 Program of Events
Page 2 Wingrove . . man of Eltham
Page 3 Council people of 100 years
Page 5 Capt. Sweeney, Eltham’s first Irish settler
Page 6 Station a tribute to ex-concillor
Page 7 Eltham 25 Years Ago just a street
Page 9 Kangaroo Ground – once the hub of the shire
Page 10 Festival of Arts and Crafts at Montsalvat
Page 11 Obelisk honours their memory
Page 11 Henry Dendy – an Eltham venture
Page 12 Free by rail – if they worked
Page 12 The long shadow of Ween Cameron
Page 13 McMahon’s – a momentous era
Page 14 50 Years Ago . . . Lyon Bros Ford
Page 15 Beer at 3d. a pint
Page 17 Oldest Home Built in 1850
Page 19 History in black and white . . . .
Page 20 Historical Pigeon Bank
Page 22 Bridge over log crossing
Page 22 Pioneer shot by outlaw
Page 23 Milestone for Smith Family
Page 24 The Eltham Chamber of Commerce Mardi Gras

F.J. & R. Favier (Butcher & Delicatessen Lower Plenty)
Eltham Hotel
Country Art Store (Eltham)
A.R. Warren (Eltham)
Heidelberg Travel Service
Williams Butcher (Lower Plenty)
Greensborough Bulk Store
Mac’s Meats (Eltham)
Buxton Garden Ornaments (Eltham)
Hugh Fisher Photographer (Eltham)
Para (Mach. Trading Co. (Greensborough)
Westfield Shoppingtown (Doncaster)
Clinton’s (Eltham)
Gillespie & Lewis P/L (Soft Furnishings Greensborough)
T. Hutchinson’s Engineers (Greensborough)
Knox & Hellemons Pty Ltd (Builders)
Angliss Butchers (Eltham)
Rainbow Real Estate (Research)
Research Licensed Supermarket
Gibsons Research Meat Supply
Owen Holmes Motors (Greensborough)
Research Pharmacy
R. & P. Humphries Delicatessen (Eltham)
Eltham Apex
Mowerama (Eltham)
R.H. Dean & Son Real Estate (Greensborough)
L.J. & J.D. Avery Butchers (Eltham)
Deylen & Torikov (Motor Engineers Eltham)
George Lovitt & Co. Pty Ltd Precision Engineers and Toolmakers Montmorency)
Fred’s Mower Repairs (Lower Plenty)
Gray’s Milk Bar (Montmorency)
Maranne Beauty Salon (Montmorency)
Evans Bros. & Newell Pty Ltd (Printing Greensborough)
La Ronde Restaurant (Eltham)
Terry & Margaret’s Garage (Caltex Lower Plenty)
Kevin Dawson Building & Joinery Contractors (Eltham)
Montmorency Authorised Newsagency
Eltham Produce Store (W.J. Cameron)
Consolidated Aluminium (Aust.) Pty Ltd (Eltham)
Briar Hill Timber & Trading Co. Pty Ltd
Diamond Valley Coaches (Eltham)
Lyon Bros Ford (Eltham)
The Natural Development Association (Eltham Shire)
Alan Whitmore R.E.S.I. (Eltham)
Keith Wilkie’s Mensland (Montmorency)
Eltham Home Supplies (Eltham)
Safeway (Greensborough)
Lower Plenty Fish Supply
Blue Gum Milk Bar (Eltham)
W. Hutchinson Sand Soil & Gravel Suppliers (Greensborough)
Keyzers Milk Bar (Greensborough)
P.J. Timber & Trading Pty Ltd (Eltham)
Diamond Valley Motocycles (Honda Macleod)
Neville F. Emerson Real Estate (Lower Plenty)
Edon Engineering (Eltham)
Mobil Service Centre (Eltham)
C.A. & J.M. Kohlman (Panton Hill General Store)
C.A. & J.M. Kohlman (Smiths Gully General Store)
ANZ (Eltham)
Diamond Valley Demolition (Eltham)
Volkswagen Specialists (D. Young Greensborough)
N.F. Thorpe Pty Ltd Precision Engineers (Briar Hill)
Ashley’s Milk Bar (Montmorency)
J. Turnbull (General Blacksmith Greensborough)
Airlook Service Station (Montmorency)
A. & L. Mallios (Grocer Hurstbridge)
United Refrigeration Pty Ltd (Greensborough)
Peter McDougall & Associates Real Estate (Eltham)
Hurstbridge Bus & Taxi Service Pty Ltd
Browne Bros. Safeway (Eltham)
St Andrews Hotel
Eltham Real Estate Pty Ltd
Eltham Chamber of Commerce
B.P. Evergreen Service Station (Eltham)
A.R. Warren Fuel Merchant (Eltham)
W. Penna Chemist (Eltham)
PPH Produce Paint Hardware (Eltham)
Eltham Cake Kitchen (Eltham)
Fred Ramak Continental Hairdresser (Eltham)
Clinton’s (Eltham)
Thompson’s Pharmacy (Eltham)
Tillings Timber Supermarket (Eltham)
Lyon Bros Ford (Eltham)
Bob Clarke’s Men’s Wear (Eltham)
Eltham Glen Service Station (Eltham)
Miss V. Rampton Naturopath (Eltham)
Eltham South Milk Bar (Eltham)
Eltham Jewellers (Eltham)
Baines Supa-Valu Supermarket (Eltham)
Sibbel Builders P/L (Eltham)
G. & E. Reivers Fly and Shower Screens (Eltham)
Kenton Shoeland (Eltham)
Eltham Newsagency (Eltham)

Physical description

Tabloid newspaper, 24 page supplement printed on pink paper with some foxing and wear commensurate with age
(Two copies)

Inscriptions & markings

One copy marked '1971' on front