Historical information

Cudgewa Line -The Cudgewa railway line opened in stages between 1889 and 1921. The first section from Wodonga to Huon opened on 10 September 1889. It was extended to Bolga on 18 July 1890, Tallangatta on 24 July 1891, Shelley on 13 June 1916 (the highest station in Victoria), Beetomba on 10 April 1919 and Cudgewa on 5 May 1921. The line had 1 in 30 grades and trestle bridges that have been heritage listed. In 1919, the line was used to carry materials for the construction of Hume Weir, and three years later a spur line connecting Ebden to the weir was opened. In the 1960s, Cudgewa became the railhead of materials for the Snowy Mountains Scheme. The last passenger service from Wodonga to Tallangatta ran on 30 September 1961. The turntable and passenger platform at Cudgewa were abolished in 1976.

This fish plate came from the rails of the Cudgewa Line at Gordon Roy's hut which was situated behind Perry's Stump Hotel outside Wodonga. The hut was used as an office with the points lever outside to switch trucks to different tracks on the Bandiana and Cudgewa lines.


This item is significant as it was part of the railway line to Cudgewa which played an important role in North east Victoria carrying freight during the construction of the Hume Weir and the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

Physical description

A section of flat plate. These plates were used in pairs to connect the ends of adjacent rails in railway track.