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A booklet with a red cover and black print. There are extensive instructions on the cover which include distribution details and dates on which these instructions came into effect,

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The Public Transport Corporation (PTC) was a Victoria State Government owned statutory authority formed under the Transport Act 1983 which operated passenger and freight trains, trams and bus services. It was established on 1 July 1989. This memo was effective as from Sunday 16th May, 1993 and pertained to rules instructions and operating procedures regarding air brake equipment and train examination requirements. As noted on the cover: "Part One - Supersedes Automatic air brake rules, pages 479-495 of Book of rules and regulations. -- Part Two - Supersedes Air brake orders, pages 189-198 of General appendix." The cover bears the signatures of M. Digging, Safeworking Superintendent and G. De Bont, Group Manager, Freight Fleet Maintenance.