Historical information

Frame 9.
Photo 1. Jack Grinton on leave in Paris, early 1919 with captured German guns. The place is the 'Arc de Triomphe' .
Photo 2. Jack Grinton on the right. From Jack's writing the other soldier is a Private Knight. The first building in the rear is the "Don View Bar" suggesting that this is Scotland when on leave.
Photo 3. Coming home, Jack on the deck of the "Karmala". They left Plymouth Harbour on 1/7/1919.
Photo 4. Ships in Plymouth Harbour.
Refer Cat No. 5880P for exhibition details.
Refer Cat No. 1280 for Jack GRINTON Service Records.

Physical description

Photographs - black and white on paper. 4 photographs, top to bottom.
1. Soldier with German guns in Paris. 2. Two soldiers with buildings in the background. 3. Soldier on deck of a ship. 4. Ships in harbour.
Frame - timber with black colour paint. Glass front. Mount - black colour cardboard. Backing cardboard - with handwritten notation.

Inscriptions & markings

Backing cardboard - handwritten in blue felt tip pen "9."