Historical information

Frame 8.
Photo 1. Medals and Awards presentation. Believed to be at Allonville, some 4 kilometres from Amiens in May 1918. General Birdwood presented medals to the 38th Batt who were resting at Allonville for 2 weeks.
Photo 2. The "Rising Sun Badge" believed to be the one on Salisbury Plain in England.
Photo 3. On leave somewhere, 4 smart looking young men.
Photo 4. Jack Grinton on leave in England. Within the collection there are a lot of both Jack and Bert with this family group.
Refer Cat No. 5880P for Exhibition details.
Refer Cat No. 1280 for Jack GRINTON Service records.

Physical description

Photographs - black and white on paper. 4 photographs - top to bottom.
1. Award presentation with troops. 2. "Rising Sun Badge" in a landscape scene. 3. 4 soldiers in front of a building. 4. Family group.
Frame - timber with black colour paint. Glass front. Mount - black colour cardboard. Backing cardboard - handwritten notation.

Inscriptions & markings

Backing cardboard - handwritten blue felt tip pen "8."