Historical information

Frame 7.
Photo 1. Bert Grinton on the right, place unknown.
Photo 2. Bert Grinton on the right with 2 Sergeants and a Corporal, taken in the Codford area England.
Photo 3. A group of 38th Batt soldiers with a smartly dressed up young lad.
Photo 4. A group of 38th Batt soldiers. The place is Havre France and the date is early 1919 prior to leaving for England. 1st on the left we believe is Fred Lehman MM, 3rd from left is Sgt J Coffey. Some of the others are in other photos and although not identified we believe they are some of the senior Officers in the 38th Batt and who were in the 45th Quota.
Refer Cat no. 5880P for exhibition details.
Refer Cat no 1280 for Jack GRINTON Service records.

Physical description

Photographs - black and white on paper. 4 photographs, top to bottom.
1. Two soldiers. 2. Four soldiers. 3. Group 38th Battalion soldiers with young lad. 4. Group of 38th Battalion soldiers in streetscape scene.
Frame - timber with black colour paint, glass front. Mount - black colour cardboard. Backing cardboard - handwritten notation.

Inscriptions & markings

Backing cardboard - handwritten blue felt tip pen "7."