Historical information

Frame 3.
Photo 1. Group Photo, mostly Sergeants. There are 3 medal winners in the group which appear to be military medals. There were 76 Military medal winners in the 38th plus 2 bars making 78. Jack Grinton is first on left in the top row. we are reasonably confident that we have identified several others. They are:
Top row, 1st on the right No 262 CSM W.J. Durward (Bendigo).
2nd row, 2nd on left No 1612 Sgt J.E. Adams (Boinika)
3rd row, 1st on left No 446 CSM A. Clark (Abbotsford)
3rd row, 3rd from right No 1192 Sgt J. Coffey (Fitzroy)
3rd row, 2nd from right No 1194 Sgt J. Lockett (Mildura)
Bottom row, 1st on left No 1048 Sgt F. Lehman MM (Horsham)
Bottom row, 3rd on left No 1645 Sgt W. Hogan MID (Newport)
These men would be a mixture of C and D Coy, 38th Batt. In Oct 1918 the 37th and 38th Batt's were so depleted that both were combined. A and B Coy 38th became C Coy and C and D Coy 38th became D Coy. The 37th Batt became A and B Coy, 38th Batt.
Photo 2. Cartoon "Huttons the Best" with sign post either way. The Military Medal winner is unknown.
Photo 3. War damaged town, the streets have bee cleared to allow traffic through.
Photo 4. The war damaged town of Corbie. Corbie Cathedral is in the background.

Refer Cat No. 5880P for exhibition details.
Refer Cat No. 1280 for Jack GRINTON Service Records.

Physical description

Photographs - black and white on paper. 4 photographs Top to Bottom.
1. Group photograph.
2. Cartoon drawing on canvas.
3. War damaged street..
4. War damaged town.
Frame - timber, black colour paint with glass front. Mount black colour cardboard. Backing cardboard with handwritten notation.

Inscriptions & markings

Backing cardboard - handwritten black felt tip pen "3."