Historical information

Frame 2.
Photo 1. Jack in a billet which appears to be part of a barn. In writings it seems this was a Visme-au-Val in France. He had written "At my washing".
Photo 2. Accommodation in an old Army hut, place unknown.
Photo 3. "Tucker Time", place unknown.
Photo 4. Group of diggers with some locals, they may have been billeted with them.
Refer Cat No 5880P for exhibition details.
Refer Cat No 1280 for Jack GRINTON Service Records.

Physical description

Photographs - black and white on paper. Four photographs top to bottom.
1. Soldiers in a billet.
2. Accommodation in an old Army hut,
3. 4 soldiers with mess tins.
4. 4 soldiers with 4 local people.
Frame - timber with black colour paint, glass front, mount black cardboard, backing cardboard with handwritten notation.

Inscriptions & markings

Backing cardboard - handwritten black felt tip pen "2."