Historical information

This sign is painted on both sides. It was attached to the bluestone wall on the western wing of the Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters, the Assistant Keeper's Quarters, at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village for almost 50 years. The Complex was opened to the public on December 11, 1975, and officially opened by Victorian Premier Sir Rupert Hamer on July 8th, 1977.

The sign's reverse side reads "Loch Ard Peacock & Museum". The three rooms had displays behind glass showing various ships' fittings, cargo and personal belongings recovered from significant shipwrecks along the southwest coast of Victoria. There was also a display of information about the mysterious Mahogany Ship or Ancient Wreck. The shipwreck artefacts were recovered by local divers in the 1960s and early 1970s. Also on display was the famous Loch Ard Peacock, created in 1873, survived the shipwreck in 1878, was purchased by Flagstaff Hill in 1975 and announced as being on display in The Standard of September 15, 1975.

In about 1984 the other side of the sign was painted "SHIPWRECK MUSEUM" and re-displayed on the building. The Loch Ard Peacock was by that time on display in the Entrance building; plans were underway on August 31st 1984 to build a Hall for its unique display.

In February 2023 the sign was removed from the building, which was undergoing restoration and preparation for use as a new Temporary Exhibition space.

The Loch Ard Peacock continued its journey around the Village; it was moved from the Entrance to the Village's newly completed Public Hal in 1986. It also spent a short time in the Stella Maris Tea Rooms. This was likely around 1998, when the Common School had moved from the Chartroom building to what had been the Public Hall. The Loch Ard Peacock was once again moved in around 2001, this time to be the central attraction and meeting place in the Great Circle Gallery, which opened on December 31st 2002.

The sign continued to be displayed on the western wing of the Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters until February 2023. This wing has now been restored and re-fitted to become a facility for short-term exhibitions. A section of the original internal wall frame and wallpaper that couldn’t be kept in the building due to preservation issues have been saved and become sort of the Flagstaff Hill Collection.


The sign has guided the visitors of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village to the exhibits of artefacts from historic and significant shipwrecks. It has connected the current generations to the people and objects of the past, leading to a better understanding of our Colonial history.

Physical description

Sign, wooden, rectangular, with a hole through each short side. The front and reverse have different painted text. Cream paint for the background colour, green paint for the lettering, and the reverse has a white painted border. The front has an arrow painted on the right-hand side. The sign was used at Flagstaff Hill since its opening.

Inscriptions & markings

Text on front "SHIPWRECK MUSEUM >"
Text on back "LOCH ARD PEACOCK / & MUSEUM"