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A collection of Locomotive operation manuals. All are paperback and feature an image of the relevant locomotive on the cover. Relevant illustrations are included in each publication. Cover is of card and they are bound with staples.

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The manuals refer to the following locomotives:- Westrail L Class (November 1983) originally built by Clyde Engineering from 1967 for the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) for use on the Eastern Goldfields Railway between Perth and Kalgoorlie. In 1983, three were leased to V/Line to haul services on the standard gauge Melbourne to Albury line, sometimes extending through to Sydney.A class (January 1984) were initially used for "Intercity" passenger services within Victoria. In this service, they operated at speeds up towards 125 km/h. Later, they were also used for freight services.N class (September 1985) produced by Clyde Engineering and entered service in 1985 and still operating in 2023. 422 Class diesel-electric locomotives (August 1983), designed by Clyde Engineering were introduced in January 1969. Following crew training, the engines entered service on the Main Southern line between Sydney and Albury and the Illawarra line from Sydney to Port Kembla and Moss Vale. Among the passenger services they hauled were the Southern Aurora and the Spirit of Progress. From 1982, they began to operate through to Melbourne. This ceased in February 1990 when non-air-conditioned locomotives would no longer be accepted by Victorian drivers.