Historical information

Identity Discs detailing name and No., Unit & Nationality - often called dog tags.

Physical description

Set of 3 Identity discs, hard leather.
1. 8 sided with two holes, dark brown.
2. Rounds, reddish brown in colour - one hole.
3. 8 sided grey brown in colour, two holes.
All joined with a piece of knotted string.

Inscriptions & markings

Stamped on discs, the following;
1. G B Jackson, 2172, O.E., I Aus, I.M.T. Coy.
2. G.B. Jackson, 2172, O.E., 1 Aus, M.T. Coy.
3. Jackson G., DP, A.M., 2172, I AUS, D.S. Coy.