Historical information

The SECV constructed the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme during which time the Kiewa Valley Group was formed and joined the Institute of Engineers. Horace H. C. Williams was in charge of the the KHES.


H.H.C. Williams was the engineer in charge of the KHES. Significant in that the photo is of white men in suits all holding a position of importance. This can be compared with current 'people in power'.

Physical description

Black and white large photo of 6 men in suits standing outside the Bogong SECV office. April 1950

Inscriptions & markings

On the back in pencil: Mr I O'Donnell (CRB - visitor) / Mr E. D. Jo..?- Vice Chairman Kiewa V. Group / Mr D. V. Darwin? - Chairman Melb. Division / HHCW - Chairman, Kiewa V. Group / Mr..../ Mr jJrgher? - Sec. Kiewa Valley Group
Note: HHCW