Historical information

Mt Beauty HES school was created for the children of the employees of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria who were constructing the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme at the head of the Kiewa Valley at the new town of Mount Beauty. Mt Beauty School consisted of Mt Beauty Higher Elementary School 1948-1964 before it was split into the current (2023) Mt Beauty Primary School and Mt Beauty High School. See. "Kiewa Kids" by Graham Gardner pages 94-180. "Below Bogong-A History of Mount Beauty" compiled by Di Edmondson. chapter 7, Pages 178-230.


As the population changed so did the schools in name, size etc. Also what started as a very modern school in the 1948 to what is now an older style wooden building

Physical description

2 larger photos 1 b & w - hurdles race and 1 colored 3 girls sitting in front of computers
9 medium size photos 1 b & w students and 1 of car; 1 of school building and 1 of student group; 5 coloured sports day