Historical information

Part of Flight lieutenant Ian A. 'Joe' Lyons MBE Collection.
See Catalogue No. 5374P for details of his service record.

Physical description

.1) and .2) Collarless light blue RAAF shirt with full button front and long sleeves. Buttonhole on neck for attaching a removable starched collar. Two labels attached to inside neck, one removable and one permanent.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) and .2) On removable label: '766883 2235, SIZE 15 1/2, SHIRT OFFs, Blue Grey COAT TYPE, RAAF TOTTEN Melb.'
.1) and .2) On permanent label: 'C.G.C.F., 1962, A (upwards arrow) F, SIZE 15 1/2 / L4/1290, ALL SIZE L4/1296'.