Historical information

From it's beginning in 1867, the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind grew in size and its number of employees and benefactors. These bound volumes of annual reports contain the information sent to subscribers of the Institute and outline the notable events and difficulties facing the blind and the RVIB.
These include the acquisition of Ormond Hall, nursery and school buildings by the Commonwealth and the transferal of infants and pupils to 'The Georgian' at Olinda with the need for more staff due to more residential staff required, blind pupils formed a 'Junior Red Cross Circle' raising money and also contributed knitwear and splints for mine-sweepers, the loss of Headmaster Garnet Dent, Miss Lenna Bryson and Mrs E Dunkerton on or after the move to Olinda, the appointment of Headmaster Geoffrey E Green, Miss Betty De Huggard and Miss Dulcie Allen, with Mrs Rita Nightingall and Miss Vera Hopton visiting Olinda to provide lessons, Arthur McKay passed his Diploma of Music, 1400 pianos and harmoniums were tuned this year, as most sighted employees are engaged in war work an application was successful with the Director of Manpower to keep some sighted workers in key positions as they may be required to help those blinded by war action, around 25 partially sighted workers have been placed in other factories, several workers passed the Junior First Aid Certificate of St John's Ambulance, and the loss of Dr W.B. Vance who was Honorary Medical Officer for 39 years.

Physical description

1 volume bound with illustrations.