Historical information

Margaret Rose Teagle was born 8 June, 1912 at Sandringham, Victoria. She married Kenneth Douglas Ingram in 1935 but the mariage ended in divorce in 1944. She subsequently married Richard Fielding in 1948. Rose was diagnosed with cancer and died 30 November 1978. It is understood that this photo was taken shortly before she became ill.

L-R: Leslie John Teagle (never married), Julie Ingram (bare back, daughter of Kenneth Albert Ingram), Edwin 'Ted' Layfield (nee Teagle), ? , Vicki Weeks (standing green top), Lorraine Layfield, rest unidentified except Rose Fielding at end of table on far right.

Vicki Weeks is 1st cousin one removed to Pam Thoonen.

Physical description

Colour photo print

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Processed Nov 1973