Historical information

This dressmaker's model has been made by a New York firm (1971 model) and comes from the Fletcher Jones Factory in Warrnambool. It would have been used for making and displaying ladies' clothing made at the factory. David Fletcher Jones (1895-1977) served in World War One and in the 1920s set up as a travelling hawker selling drapery in Western Victoria. In 1924 he opened a men's wear shop in Warrnambool and manufactured in sute. In 1946 a Fletcher Jones shop opened in melbourne and in 1948 a factory was established in Warrnambool with a new company, Fletcher Jones and Staff begun in 1951. The company initially specialized in men's trousers but later expanded into both men's and women's clothing. It became an Australia-wide company known throughout the country until it ceased in 2011 and the Warrnambool factory buildings were sold.


This dressmaker's model is of considerable interest as a memento of the Fletcher Jones and Staff Company, founded in Warrnambool, employing many local people for a great number of years and known throughout Australia for its quality products and pioneering business model as a founder and staff co-operative.

Physical description

This is a dressmaker's model with the body section (bust and torso) having a fabric cover over a wooden core. The top section is bronze-coloured with a silver rim. Beneath the body section is a wire frame and a metal base on castors. The castors are rusty and the fabric is broken in places.

Inscriptions & markings

Collapsible model 1971 22
WOLF FORM Registered perfect model forms N Y 140 5th Ave