Historical information

The Salvation Army was founded in England in 1865 and bonnets were introduced in the 1880s for women officers. These bonnets were worn until the 1960s. The Salvation Army came to Warrnambool in 1887 and was initially based in Raglan Parade before opening a citadel in Lava Street in 1905. In the mid 1960s they purchased the old Congregational Church and Manse at the corner of Lava and Henna Streets.


This bonnet is a fine example of the bonnets worn by Salvation Army Officers as part of their uniform.

Physical description

The bonnet is made of black raffia with a brim. It has black and maroon grosgrain ribbbons around the front, sides and back. The maroon ribbon has THE SALVATION ARMY machine printed in gold letters. A grosgrain black strap is attached to the head band to enable the bonnet to be worn securely. The bonnet is lined with black cotton.

Inscriptions & markings