Historical information

These pieces of fleece of a Lincoln sheep come from the property, Carrakoorte, in Grasmere, 13 kilometres from Warrnambool. Lincoln sheep are a large British breed producing strong, heavy wool. Carrakoorte was established in the 1850s and the Manifold family members were the owners in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1886 William Henderson, a dairy farmer and cheese maker, became the manager of Carrakoorte. He purchased the property in 1911 and the Henderson family retained the property until 2012 when the owner, Jim Henderson died. Carrakoorte was renowned for the breeding of Ayrshire Stud Dairy Cattle. The Lincoln fleece pieces are included in our collection of Henderson/Carrakoorte historical items.


This fleece is of interest as a memento of the Henderson property, Carrakoorte

Physical description

These are nine pieces of fleece of a Lincoln sheep. They are light brown in colour and have a curly texture.