Historical information

This is a ticket for a complimentary concert to the Victorian soprano, Miss Mollie Hayres, in the Warrnambool Town Hall in 1926. Inez Mary (Mollie) Hayres (1897-1980) was born in Port Fairy and received her early musical training from the Good Samaritan Sisters in Port Fairy. She received local funding to enable her to study at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music under Madame Weiderman and toured the Western District in 1926, supported by the pianist May Broderick and the violinist Cecil Parkes, in a series of complimentary concerts to give her funding to study in Europe. She became a well-known singer and singing teacher in Melbourne, featuring in radio programs and concerts.


This ticket is of interest as a memento of Mollie Hayres, a noted singer in Victoria in the first half of the 20th century.

Physical description

This is a small white card with black edging and printing.

Inscriptions & markings

Grand Complimentary Concert to Miss Mollie Hayres