Historical information

Equipment catalogues used at Norwellan / Aunde

North Western Woolen Mills became Norwellan Textiles then AUNDE

Physical description

5256 - Blue card cover:map of the world with longitude lines on left side
5256-1 Yellow Card Cover with Green Print
5256-2 Red Card Cover with 5 round photographs
5256-3 2 Ring Binder aith Light Blue stip in centre
5254-4 Red Card Cover with one photgraph and business card attached to top right corner
5254-5 Grey Card Cover with two photographs on left side

Inscriptions & markings

5256 Quality Testing Equipment World Wide (15 X 21)
5256-1 Equiptex The Textile Testing Specialists (21 X 15)
5256-2 SDL Catalohue No 9 The Catalogue (21 X 15 X2)
5256-3 Manufactuers of Textile Testing and Quality control Equipment James H Head & Co Ltd ( 31X 25 X3)
5256-4 SDL Shirley Developments Catalogue No 6 (21X15X2)
5256-5 Labratory Catalogue and Price List (29.5 X21 X2)