Historical information

This hat stand appears to have been made by the English firm of Battersby & Company, a hat manufacturer established in England in the late 19th century. The stand may have been fitted on to the head by the Melbourne firm Ramie Specialty Co. Battersby hats must have been sold extensively in Australia.


This hat stand is useful for display purposes and of interest because of its possible composition (ramie)

Physical description

This is a model of a head used for displaying men's hats. The head is made of composite material , originally a gold colour and lined what what may be the vegetable fibre, ramie. The head is mounted on a wooden stand with a stepped base. There are two labels, one on the neck of the head and the other on the back of the stand. The head is chipped and stained, with exposed nails.

Inscriptions & markings

Battersby Hats
Ramie Specialty Co. Pty. Ltd. Melbourne