Historical information

Circular from the District Inspector, Earl G Pearson, to all schools, June 1952. Divided into six headings. 1. Education Week information and suggestions. Will be held August 10th to 16th. Sunday 10th is Education Sunday. 2. State Schools' Horticulture Society return form nursery shows very little support. All school should support this and pay annual fee of 7/6d. Location is Teachers' Nursery, Poath Road, Oakleigh. ( Became State Schools' Nursery and now Victorian Schools' Nursery No 4214). 3. Inspection. Teachers to read sections of Regulations and Instruction which will be helpful in assessing efficiency of their work and give direction on organisation. Entry age for new students. Restriction maybe necessary to conserve teaching staff. 3. School residences. 4. Desk surplus. 5. Young Farmers' Clubs. New organizer for schools. Been taken over by Education Department.

Physical description

Cream page, typed