Historical information

Walter Magilton left school early to become a dairy farmer in Western Victoria, returned to school and became a secondary school art teacher, eventually becoming an artist full-time, a painter, sculptor and jewellery maker. His paintings are in collections overseas and Australia. He teaches art from his Stony Creek Studio in Warrandyte and married to contemporary installation artist Denise Keele-bedford.

Newspaper article: "Walter Magilton: More to life than Maggie", Green Valley, section of Diamond Valley News, no date, details of Walter Magilton's career, his tame blackbird Maggie.
Newspaper article: "Walter Magilton - Warrandyte", Network, October 1987, details of Walter Magilton's career, achievements and painting style.
Newspaper article: "A modern twist on reality", Diamond Valley Leader, no date, Walter Magilton's exhibition at Bridges Restaurant, Hurstbridge. He collaborates with his wife Denise Keele-bedford, a contemporary installation artist.

Physical description

Newspaper clippings, A4 photocopies, etc