Historical information

.1: Letter from H B Selby & Co Pty Ltd re the order for a Fortin Barameter. Asking for arrangement for Staff member to collect as it is very fragile. The glassware for the Regnault Vapour pressure Apparatus not previously sent has been forwarded.
.2: Letter from the school to The Director Weather Bureau Melbourne. Outlines establishing a weather-observing station as part of general science. Mr McLachlin in Ballarat will guide the school as to method, procedure, records, etc
List of equipment on loan - Stevenson Screen, maximum and minimum thermometers, wet and dry bulb thermometers, 8" rain gauge, cloud chart, instructions for reductions of barometer readings, weather code for transmission,
record book.

Physical description

2 Cream pages, typed

Inscriptions & markings

.1: Letterhead for H B Selby & Co Pty Ltd - Black and red inks
Signature of V T Parkinson, Manager