Historical information

This is a framed photograph showing a key event in Warrnambool's history - the proclamation by Sir Arthur Stanley of Warrnambool as a city in 1918. Warrnambool was the fifth non--metropolitan town in Victoria to be declared a city and a large crowd gathered outside the Town Hall to see this event. Sir Arthur Stanley (Lord Stanley of Alderley) was an English nobleman, Parliamentarian and soldier who was the Governor of Victoria from 1914 to 1920. The photographer was Arthur Jordan who, like his father Joseph, was a prominent photographer in Warrnambool at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries and took many official photographs of civic affairs. The donor of the photograph, probably immediately after the event to the Warrnambool Museum at the time under the auspices of the Warnambool Mechanics' Institute, was George Mackay, a prominent Warrnambool lawyer, Councillor and Mayor. He was probably responsible for the framing of the photograph.


This is a significant photograph as it is a record of an important event in Warrnambool's history and is a great research tool

Physical description

This is a black and white photograph in a polished wooden frame with a card inset and a glass covering. The photograph shows the Governor of Victoria, Sir Arthur Stanley, in civilian dress standing on a platform outside the Warrnambool Town Hall proclaiming Warrnambool a city. Behind the Governor on the platform are many men and some women and in the foreground left is a band and in the foreground centre are Army school cadets. The photograph frame has a wooden backing with a piece of wire attached for hanging the object. In the photograph also is a columm with a sign on it.

Inscriptions & markings

His Excellency the State Governor Sir Arthur Stanley
Proclamation- Warrnambool a City 23rd May 1918
Warrnambool Museum & Art Gallery
Presented by G.S.Mackay Warrnambool
Arthur Jordan