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A soft cover publication of 590 pages. The cover features several photos of people and places in Sunshine, The background of these cover photos is coloured in yellow and orange. The book includes photos and photo stories as well as extracts from newspapers, government archives and census records to document key developments and stories of hardships and achievements during a critical period of industrialisation and postwar migration to Australia. It includes bibliographical references and an index.

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This publication by the Sunshine & District Historical Society builds on an earlier publication "Harvester Town: The Making of Sunshine 1890-1925". It focuses on the post-war migration years when thousands of young immigrants settled in the new City of Sunshine, bought land, built homes, had families and worked in the area's important industries. It uses a range of primary resources including photos, photo stories, interviews and other documents to explain the challenges, achievements and issues faced in the development of "Multicultural Sunshine"