Historical information

Camp 3. made by Gudrun and Isolde Frank, camp 3 c.

Physical description

Black and white sketches for calendar. 1943. 6 sketches. 1 - Cloudy sky, with hut and tree to the right and a truck front right; 2 - a guard tower on left hand side, 4 water tanks in Centre and a cloud to the right. front shows some rocks; 3 - Cloudy sky, 2 big trees (one on left and one on right), 3 bare trees in Centre. Across the front are 4 sheep and 4 four posts; 4 - 1 horse in foreground the 3 in back ground with trees in background; 5 - two children picking vegetables with a small hut to the right and a fence in front of 2 trees; 6 - 5 men working in a garden, 1 with wheelbarrow.

Inscriptions & markings

the number 4 top right hand corner