Historical information

This photograph shows the islands in the Hopkins River in 1911. This section of the river is in the Allansford area, near Jubilee Park (Hopkins River Caravan Park). It was, and still is, a picnic and fishing spot. On one of the islands is an unmarked grave which may be that of Jemima Christine Allan, the first wife of one of the first European settlers in the Allansford area, William Allan. She died in 1842. The photograph was taken by Jordan Studios so the photographer may be either Joseph Jordan, one of the best-known Warrnambool photographers of the past, or his son Arthur, also a well-credentialled photographer.


This photograph is considerable historical importance, showing a section of the Hopkins River in the Warrnambool region in 1911.

Physical description

This is a black and white photograph in a wooden frame with a patterned edging. The photograph is inset with a gilt metal edging and enclosed in glass. The backing is wooden with a wire cord for hanging. The photograph shows the river with islands covered in vegetation. On the river are two boats, one wuih four occupants standing up in the boat and the other with two occupants. In the ccntre of the photograph is a tree stump and a dead tree.

Inscriptions & markings

The Islands Hopkins River Warrnambool 1911
Jordan Photo