Historical information

Arthur Edward Stevenson enlisted on 17 September 1914 and served with the 14th Battalion of the AIF. He was killed in action at Gallipoli on 20 August 1915 at age 28. His personal effects of a belt, hairbrush, knife, postcards and photos were returned to his brother John in June 1916. Later that year, John Stevenson wrote to the Officer in Charge of base records, asking for confirmation of his brother’s death, as he had received a letter from Arthur dated 27 August 1915, seven days later than the date on which he was reportedly killed. The Army confirmed that Arthur had in fact died, and concluded that he had likely misdated his letter. In 1920, Arthur’s sister Rachel wrote to the Department of Defence, asking whether her brother’s grave had been located and again querying the date of his death. Later, she completed a form that was sent to next of kin seeking information on deceased soldiers for the Australian War Memorial’s Roll of Honour. Arthur Stevenson’s death is recorded at the Lone Pine Memorial on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Honour Certificates WW1 - From 1915 onwards, recruits in many shires and towns in eastern Australia were honoured by local government authorities. A common form of recognition was the award of honour certificates.
The first honour certificates were presented in 1915 and 1916 to men who had yet to leave Australia. The designers and publishing companies solicited business directly from councils. Publishers began to print two different types of certificates: honour certificates to thank soldiers who had survived and memorial certificates to commemorate the dead.
D.W. Paterson, a Melbourne publishing firm, claimed they had supplied certificates to over 150 cities and shires in Victoria and New South Wales, including the Shire of Wodonga. Paterson also had the widest range of designs
The certificate signified that the officials of the community recognised and shared the family's pride and grief.
The certificate was signed by S. T Parker, Shire President and R. H. Murphy, Council Secretary on 4th August 1919.


This certificate is significant as it recognises service given to Australia by Arthur Edward Stevenson.

Physical description

Coloured certificate presented to the family of Arthur Ernest Stevenson by Wodonga Shire Council. The certificate is mounted behind glass in a wooden frame.