Historical information

1. Photo reprint of Auction sale brochure, 10 July 1993
2. A4 photo reprint of four photos (3 x B&W of the house when purchased by Pam Robinson and 1 x clr of Pat Begg at work on extension)
3. A4 photo reprint of four clr photos of Pat Begg at work on extension
Items 1-3 donated by Pam Robinson August 2021 via Wendy Wilson in support for a Newsletter article "Eltham Insights" by Pam Robinson published in the EDHS newsletter No 260, October 2021. Also Newsletter No. 265 August 2022 "Harcourt Hill" by Carlotta Quinlan features Rocknall and one of Pam Robison's photos.

Physical description

Miscellaneous clippings, notes, photocopies, etc held on the subject property.