Historical information

This boudoir cap was worn by women wearing a negligee in the 19th century in their boudoir in the morning. In the early 20th century women wore these boudoir caps while sleeping to protect their hair styles. The name "Ogier"' inside the cap indicates that it has a connection to the Ogier family in Warrnambool.


This is an interesting example of a woman's head-wear in the past.

Physical description

This lady's boudoir cap has white, discoloured, net with floral woven edging and leaves and dots in the body of the net. It is circular in construction drawn on thread to the centre of the head and decorated with a tassel folded over. There are two layers of lace, the bottom one is attached to a black, velvet covered wire and has bunched flowers with violet ribbon as decoration. The top layer also has the bunched flowers. The cap is lined with cream silk. The lace hangs down at the back. The brim is stiffened inside as is the crown. On the item inside is a small piece of red ribbon with a name written.

Inscriptions & markings