Historical information

This envelope and its unknown contents were sent in 1937 to Fred Miller of Boughton Farm at Cassady's Bridge. west of Warrnambool. The envelope advertises an Annual Gala Week in Warrnambool from December 26th 1937 to January 2nd 1938. This was an event organized by the Warrnambool Progress Association as a tourist promotion exercise. The Secretary of the Association at the time was Martin Carter, a well-known Warrnambool saddler and local band conductor. The envelope also advertised the forthcoming Warrnambool Centenary Celebrations in 1939-1940 but these were not held because of the outbreak of World War Two. The Centenary celebrations were eventually held in 1947, a more appropriate year as Warrnambool was founded in 1847.


This envelope is of interest as a memento of the 1930s in Warrnambool

Physical description

This is a bone-coloured envelope with images on the front of three people on the left and in the centre, red printing, black typing and postal franking. The back has a postal stamp.

Inscriptions & markings

Mr. F. Miller Cassidy's (sic) Warrnambool P.O.
Warrnambool Centenary Celebrations 1939-40
For Your Next Holiday Warrnambool the Garden City by the Sea
Annual Gala Week --Dec.26,1937 to Jan.2
Under auspices of Warrnambool Progress Association Particulars from M.L.Carter, Sec.