Historical information

Stokes was established in 1856 by a young English die-sinker named Thomas Stokes, who had arrived from England duringthe gold rush of that era. Disappointment in the fields led him to Melbourne where he setup business as a diesinker producing medals, tokens, buttons and silverware, a skill he acquired over five dedicated years of apprenticeship which he had completed in Birmingham, England.

A merger with G.F Martin in 1867 saw the firm introduce electroplated nickel silver to Australia. The banking crisis of the 1890’s saw a split with Martin and the gradual joining of Thomas Stokes’ three sons, and by 1911 the company was called Thomas Stokes and Sons.

Physical description

A double sided medallion featuring a runner on one side and engraved information on verso.

Inscriptions & markings

Engraved into the medallion
Under 15
P. Alexander