Historical information

In 1905 Richard Squire was manager of the West Berry Consols at Allendale, and developed an improved system of mine ventilation, which was supported in "The Age."[4] He was successful in combating and remedying the gas and ventilation troubles of the Deep Mines of Creswick and Allendale Districts after all had failed.

MINE MANAGERS’ ASSOCIATION. Ballarat Branch. ... Mr R. B. Squire, manager of the West Berry Consols, at Allendale, submitted a paper detailing what he had done tor the betterment of ventilation in the alluvial mines of Smeaton and Mary borough districts- Members gave Mr Squire every credit for the results that he claimed to have effected; the adoption of his ideas had testified to their value to mine-owners. It was painted out, however, that for want of a thorough debate of the subject with experienced men the author had unwittingly included some general statements that required modifying in some points and extending in others, in justice to other workers among the earlier and the present day managers of mines. It was decided to invite the author to meet a sub-committee on this subject!

Physical description

Various papers relating to Richard Squire Mines including telegrams, reports, receipts, letters and newspaper clippings.

.1 Souvenir Telegram
.2 Telegram
.3 Telegram
.4 Telegram
.5 Telegram
.6 Telegram
.7 Telegram
.8 Telegram
.9 Telegram
.10 Telegram
.11 Telegram
.12 Telegram
.13 Telegram
.14 Telegram
.15 Telegram
.16 Newspaper article Mt Mercer Lease 8109, Ballarat
.17 Report on the Southern Extension of Main Ballarat Goldfield
.18 Letter from Harwood & Pincott Solicitors and Notaries re: Agreement
.19 Ballarat Deep Leads Extensions
.20 Leigh River Tunnel Syndicate Voucher x 4
.21 Debt Collector Letter
.22 HY. W. Pearson Account
.23 William Barrett Mining and General Blacksmith Quote and Account
.24 Letter from Department of Mines, Melbourne dated 5th December 1934
.25 Letter from Mines Department, Melbourne dated 27th August 1937
.26 Documentsrelating to the purcghase of a wreath for R. Woolley
.27 Prospectus of the Southern Leads
.28 Propsal prospectus of Leigh River
.29 Letter to Tom Squire from his brother Jim
.30 Letter to Mr Squire from C Hayes regarding wages owed
.31 3 copies of report on mine 8th August 1935
.32 Letter regarding unpaid account
.33 Contributary causes of Collapse at Mt Mercer
.34 Letter from D. Crawford re payment for timber
.35 Letter from John McLeod apologising for not sending cheque
.36 Letter from Department of Mines regarding Neil Cameron purchases of portions 64, 65. 66 and 71
.37 3 Letters from Department of Mines granting an extension of time to pay overdue rent.
.38 Letter from Department of Mines regarding Mining Lease No. 8217
.39 Letter from Department of Mines regarding Lease Rents
.40 Letter from the Department of Mines regarding further boring at Mt Mercer
.41 Letter from E.R Hodge requesting that Richard Squire meet with Board members of Glenfine South
.42 Letter from G Brown regarding Leases not being paid for
.43 Letter from daughter Judy
.44 Newspaper article regarding Berry United Deep Leads
.45 Envelope addressed to R.T Squire Box 2 Tresco
.46 Letter to Richard Squire from A.L. Read

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