Physical description

Plaque at Locarno Springs, Hepburn Mineral Springs

Inscriptions & markings

Where reverent gum trees gray-leaved aroming stems
Enshrine the greem 'tween walls of slanting slate,
Run waters, sihones from some buried grate,
In drops more precious than deep mined gems.
The elements are liquid in that stream
and bursting bubbles charge the atmosphere
The breath of nature moves the grasses here,
and all is tranquil as a midday dream.

The alchemist did set a mighty task,
to list an learn the components of life,
To change and find some radiant power new
from atoms boiled in baking tube ad flask,
and now we fear colossal human strife
with things the caldrons of the Earth Eschew
W.H.S. 1962