Historical information

The Mural is a picture in wool of the origin of the Ballan district and is made of pure wool donated by local growers.The centre panel is a reproduction of a sketch by Emma von Stieglitz in 1852 of the Ballan General Store. The ram's heads symbolise the importance of wool to the area and the circular shapes the transport of the day. Mrs Grace Slocombe designed the Mural, fifty-three local craftswomen (and one man) began the work in November 1981, and the finished work was exhibited at the 1982 Ballan Arcadian Arts Festival. The Mural was also exhibited at the 1982 Royal Melbourne Show then went on a tour of of various country areas in Victoria. It now hangs in the Ballan Old Courthouse.


The Mural is significant to the local area.

Physical description

A text document on the story of the Wool Mural made for the Ballan Arcadian Festival in 1982.